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rethinkingFurnitureretail Becoming a Local Hero with Digital Service Design  RETHINKING KNOWLEDGE & PROCESS MANAGEMENT NEXT ExperienceSALES 400 Brands 150.000 Datensätze 30 Bedarfsanalysen Stylecheck My Bussiness„to go“ Business is where I am. The „Next Generation“ Sales Tablet combines the full range of products, services and processes with all relevant B2B knowledge as well as comprehensive marketing and system control. […]


KUNDENNÄHEdurch experience design Individualized real time customer communication   inspire digitally Rethinking retail: with a fully integrated, digital store concept, Radatz not only sets a new benchmark in experience-oriented, media-based store design, but is also a game changer for future developments in digital service design for established retailers. Mission Possible – from the daily menu to […]